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Only a true dog person understands that feeling of unconditional love between them and their dog. At Lava Paws we cherish our pets; they are part of our family. The minute we walk in the door and their tails are wagging, we instantly feel happy.


Lava Paws strengthens that bond, that love between a person and their dog by connecting people, paws, and products. Currently, we have three product lines that are designed to support your dogs's health and happiness and at the same time giving you, their companion, peace of mind. These product lines include gourmet dog treats, raw homemade dog food, and spa care.

Our scrumptious dog treats are ethically sourced, minimally processed, all natural, preservative free, and most importantly made with love. Lava Paws offers a variety of poultry, beef, and fish dog treats. We also offer small bites, great for small dogs, counting calories, or training. For those dogs that love to chew, we have created all natural, minimally processed dog chews such as bully sticks, beef trachea, natural rawhide, and more.

Here at Lava Paws we have a certification in canine nutrition and have launched a balanced and complete raw homemade dog food. It’s our promise to dog lovers to create foods that fuel our dogs and promote a life full of health and happiness. Our raw dog food is made weekly, in small batches blending high-quality meats that include beef, pork, and poultry with vitamins and supplements and fruits and vegetables. We know it’s hard being a dog mom or dad, especially when it comes to our dogs diet. Ultimately, we want the best for our four-legged friends. Lava Paws takes away the guesswork and provides a palatable and nutritious diet for all life stages. Furthermore, our raw homemade dog food comes in two or five pound chubs, conveniently for storage. Additionally, we source our goods as much as possible from our local, Hawaii farmers and believe in building strong relationships among our community.

Our Spa Care line is specially designed to make bath and pamper time a joyful experience. An experience that creates lots of laughs and cuddles. We love a clean, blissful dog that has a luxuriously soft and shiny coat with baby soft paws. We know seasonal weather changes can create some unhappy and itchy dogs, dogs with dried paws or noses, or dogs with belly rashes. Lava Paws takes dog spa care back to the basics with moisture locking salves and PH balanced shampoo bars. Our spa care products are made with all natural ingredients like organic oils and soothing flowers that leave your dog feeling nourished and invigorated. Lava Paws spa care products truly make spa time the most enjoyable time between mom and mutt.

Mahalo for visiting Lava Paws and we hope you have a wonderful time looking at our products. Please, give your dog a pet from us!

Lava Paws. Creating Unconditional Love. Connecting People, Paws, and Products.