CBD Turmeric Chicken Jerky is a great product that I absolutely love. I added CBD to my product line when Kilauea started it's 2018 eruption and Volcano was having hundreds of earthquakes a day. Animals were completely stressed out, anxious, and nervous to the point many developed behavioral problems. Many of those said behavioral problems lessoned or even stopped with the help of these treats.


A treat your dog and some cats will love, it calms and relaxes your pet within minutes. It works great at calming and relaxing pets with thunder and firework anxiety. It's also a great treat for older dogs with inflammation problems such as arthritis and can be given daily as a cancer preventative.


CBD Turmeric Chicken

  • Ingredients: Chicken breast, Coconut Oil, Turmeric, and Hemp derived CBD.

    Weight: 4 oz

    All Natural and Preservative Free.

    Refrigerate after opening.


    Serving Suggestion: 1 large piece (2-3 mg of CBD) per 25lbs.


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