These dog chews are a favorite in our home. Dehydrated Hawaii Island beef trachea with our organic quail egg crumble.


These pictures do not do it justice and since then the recipe has been perfected to include even more quail egg crumble!!!


Beef trachea is from grass fed, no antibiotics or hormones cattle. Quail eggs are from an organc farm.


Beef Trachea's are a great intermediate chew that is all natural, no "smoking" added, and easily digestible. It also has a natural source of chondroitin that supports joint health.


Quail eggs are high in protein and fat, have a thicker probiotic layer, and the shell is an excellent source of calcium. If you're pet is allergic to chicken, try quail. Quail's protein structure is completely different compared to a chicken!


Try now to see why it's worth begging for!

Dog Cannoli's

  • 3, 4 inch pieces per bag. Ingredients: Beef Trachea, Organic Qauil Eggs, Honey, and Cornstarch.

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