Assorted dehydrated fish skins from a local fish market in Hawaii. Dogs go crazy over them and are a great chew treat. Benefits include good dental hygiene, high amounts of omega 3's, and a healthy treat. Recommended to be eaten outside or on a floor for an easier cleanup. I let my dogs do the cleanup.


Cat approved as well. I personally take kitchen shears and cut them into small pieces for the kitties

Fish Chips

  • Ingredients: Assorted Fish Skins (Salmon, Ahi, Ono, Marlin, Mahi Mahi and more). Each bag is different. No special orders.

    Weight of Small Bag: 1 oz

    Weight of Large Bag: 2 oz

    All Natural and Preservative Free.

    Refrigerate after opening


    Best enjoyed outside as a chewy treat.

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